Monday, September 20, 2010

Action Alert: Virginia Governor Denies Teresa Lewis' Petition for Clemency

Virginia's Governor McDonnell denied Teresa Lewis' petition for clemency on September 17, 2010. Without your help, Teresa will die on September 23, 2010.

The time is NOW to take further action to save Teresa’s life. We are not giving up. Let Governor McDonnell know that he must reconsider his unjust and inhumane decision. Click on this button, which will take you directly to Governor McDonnell’s web page for receiving emails:

You may include your own text for your message to Governor McDonnell, or you may wish to include the following message:

Governor McDonnell, your decision to deny clemency completely ignores the fact that Teresa Lewis is borderline mentally retarded and had a dependent personality disorder, and that a life sentence was given to the man who has repeatedly stated that HE was the mastermind and that “The only reason I had sex with [Teresa] was for the money [and] to get her to ‘fall in love’ with me so she would give me the insurance money. . . . She was exactly what I was looking for.” Killing Teresa now, when this man was allowed to live, is so unfair and unjust that it cannot be permitted.
Or if you prefer: Call the Governor’s Office at 804-786-2211 and register your disapproval of his decision. Demand that Teresa be permitted to live.

(Note: Teresa's lawyer has made this request for assistance via email at noon on Monday, September 20 asking us to email and post this action alert to the PA NOW website).

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