Friday, November 5, 2010

Two More Seeds and One More Weed

Just a quick update to the blog posting I made two days ago.

We now have results of the three "Too Close to Call"  races.  We planted two seeds and had another weed pop up.

There has been one more weed that has appeared after absentee ballots were counted in Chester County.  Barbara McIllvaine Smith (D-156) lost her seat once all of the absentee ballots were counted.  She conceded the race to Dan Truitt (R) this morning.  We will sorely miss Barbara in the legislature.  She was one of the most progressive, caring, and transparent Representatives in the state.  We wish her well and hope she can plant more seeds of her refreshing vision in her future endeavors.

On the up side, we also planted two more seeds for progress and equality.  Our newest winners are both in the PA House of Representatives.  They are Steve Santarsiero (D) who currently represents the 31st HD (part of Bucks County) and Tina Davis (D) who will be the new Representative from the 141st HD (also part of Bucks County).  We welcome Steve's return to the General Assembly and look forward to the work that Tina will do as the newest member of the legislature.

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