Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PA NOW PAC Primary Election Endorsements

Pennsylvania NOW PAC Endorsements

Primary Election Day is Tuesday, May 17, 2011. The following recommendations by the state NOW Political Action Committee  (PA NOW PAC) are presented here for your information. These endorsements are current as of April 26.
The Pennsylvania NOW PAC makes endorsements for statewide and local races. At the state level, there is one opening for Justice on the PA Superior Court and one openings for  Justice on the PA Commonwealth Court. At the County level, all County Commissioners or County Executive (Allegheny County) plus all  Row Offices are up for election. In addition, some counties have openings for the county-level Court of Common Pleas. At the local and district level, people are running for District Court Justice, Borough and City Councils, Township Supervisors, and Mayors.
The PA NOW PAC has two levels of approval for candidates. "Endorsement" is the highest level of endorsement and is given only to those candidates who support all of our issues and will take a leadership position on those issues if elected. "Support" is given to those candidates who are good on most of our issues but have a problem with one or two and we believe that these candidates are significantly better than their opposition. As of April 26, all listed candidates have received full endorsement.
Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court  (note: you can only vote for one person in this race)
   Kathryn Boockvar (D) http://www.boockvar.com
        Barbara Behrend Ernsberger (D) http://www.ernsbergerforjudge.com
Allegheny County
Valerie McDonald Roberts (D) http://allieswithvalerie.com
County Executive
Pittsburgh City Council, District 9
       Phyllis Copeland-Mitchell (D)  http://mitchell4citycouncil.org
Wilkinsburg Borough Council, 1st Ward
Paige Trice (D)
Wilkinsburg Borough Council, 2nd Ward
       Beverly McCoy (D)

Bucks County
Commissioners (vote for two)
Diane Marseglia (D) http://www.bucksvictory.com

Dauphin County
Clerk of Courts
 Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans’ Court
Rogette Harris (D) www.voterogette.com

Lancaster County
Manheim Township Commissioner

Montgomery County
Clerk of Courts
Ann Thornburg Weiss (D) http://voteweiss.com
       Diane B. Morgan (D) http://dianemorgancontroller.com
    Recorder of Deeds
Linda M. Hee (D) http://heefordeeds.com
The PA NOW PAC needs your help.
In order to put out a voter’s guide and to assist NOW endorsed candidates for statewide and local office, we need funds donated directly to the PA NOW PAC.  If you are interested in electing public officials who support full equality of women, then please consider donating to the PA NOW PAC. Mail your donation to the PA NOW PAC, P.O. Box 8614, Wilkinsburg, PA 15221.  You can also donate online to the PAC via credit card at http://panow.org/PAC_file/PANOWPAC.htm. Thank you!

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