Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stop Ambulatory Surgical Center Regulations from Closing Freestanding Abortion Clinics

We just heard that Rep. Matt Baker's bill, House Bill 574 -- which requires freestanding abortion providers to comply with ambulatory surgical facilities regulations -- will be considered at a meeting of the Pennsylvania House Health Committee this coming Monday, April 11.
House Bill 574 would regulate Pennsylvania’s freestanding abortion providers as ambulatory surgical facilities, subject to both the ambulatory surgical facility regulations (“ASF regulations”) and the ambulatory gynecological surgery in hospitals and clinics regulations (“abortion regulations”).

Instead of preventing another Gosnell “house of horrors,” this bill will hurt women.

• It will not improve patient safety.
• It will force safe providers to close.
• It will increase the cost of an abortion by as much as $1,000.
• It will force women to seek care in other states or from marginal or illegal practitioners.
• It will create two overlapping sets of regulations that are in conflict with each other and in violation of the Abortion Control Act.
• It will have the harshest impact on the poor and rural women of Pennsylvania.

Tell the Pennsylvania House Health Committee to vote NO on House Bill 574 and STOP these proposed Ambulatory Surgical Center Regulations from closing freestanding abortion clinics.

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